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Socio-Economic Impact of the Project

Untrained Attendants

In Rural India, Bag valve masks are mostly operated by untrained attendants

District Hospitals

None of the district hospitals have ventilator support.

Rural Indian Hospitals

Rural Indian Hospitals cannot afford a ventilators as they are too expensive and difficult to maintain in rough conditions.

Organ Donation

Once mortality is confirmed for the patient, the body can still be kept prepped for organ donation under Inspire. The other ventilator can be used for other salvageable patient

Ventilators Until The Patient Is Evaluated

Big hospitals need In-spire as they get huge inflow of emergency cases every day, for resuscitation, however they cannot use ventilators until the patient is evaluated.

Post Operation During a Long Period of Anesthesia

Post operation during a long period of anesthesia ,the patients are usually kept on ventilator, the ventilators can be reused for other needy patients and the patent can be kept on In-spire.

Our Product

In-SpireTM is an automatic respirator which automates the AMBU bag and provide breathing assistance to the patients. It is equal to moderate or low ventilator providing continuous ventilation in supporting the life of the patient

ventilation machine
ventilation machine

Product Feature

Names AMBU Bags Transport Ventilators Medical Ventilators In-Spire
Product Images neuorogami Automations Product Image neuorogami Automations Product Image neuorogami Automations Product Image neuorogami Automations Product Image
Automatic No Yes Yes Yes
Manual Switch Over Na No No Yes
Portable Yes Yes bulky Yes
Pressure Gauge No Yes Yes Yes
Flow Rate Gauge No Yes Yes Yes
Cost Low High Very High Medium
Gas Tank -O2 Optional Always Needed Always Needed Optional
Cost in INR 1500 3 Lakh + 25 Lakh + 0.8 to 1.2 Lakhs

Problem Statement

In Indian Rural and tier II city hospitals,

Almost always there is no competent person to operate the resuscitator
No intermediate device in between a mechanical ventilator and Resuscitator.

Quick Stats

There are five ICU beds/10000 population: India ranks 155th in 167 countries
There is ONE doctor for every 1,445 Indians
Resuscitator Image

A Resuscitator is a device using positive pressure to inflate the lungs of an unconscious person who is not breathing, in order to keep them oxygenated and alive.

An electro-mechanical device to enhance the utility of the existing Bag valve mask .
Automate a premium bag valve mask, by sensing the patents breathing pattern and pump the air+ O2 mixture

Major settings of In-spire

  1. Breaths per minute (BPM) - 15,20,25,30
  2. Tidal volume – 200 - 550 ml adjustable
  3. PEEP valve - yes
  4. Oxygen Input - Up to 15 LPM
  5. Battery Backup with inverter - 4 hrs +


ventilation machine


Need of breathing assistance is high during

Patients in need of medical ventilators , who are in transit beds.
All Hospital casualty department patients need transit to other department.
All Hospital casualty department patients need transit to other department.
ICU’s in need of Backup breathing assistance..
All general and emergency wards as a backup breathing system..
Point of care system
Heart problems.
Lung problems
Organ failure .
Brain trauma
Blood infections
Drug-resistant infections .
 In-spire cumulative image

Awards and Recognition

ventilation machine

Emerging start-up Beyond Bengaluru (Hubballi cluster) at Bangalore Tech Summit November 2022

neuorogami Automations award Image

TIEcon 2020

Recognized by TIEcon 2020, Hubballi for one of the Innovative Business Ideas.

neuorogami Automations award Image


Appreciated by Doctors of Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, hubballi

neuorogami Automations award Image

SDM Hospitals

Appreciated by Doctors of SDM Hospitals, Dharwad.

neuorogami Automations award Image

N B Patil Hospital

Appreciated by Doctors of Dr. N B Patil Hospital Gadag.

Our Team

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience.
We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Sagar Virapannavar, Neuorigami Automation

Sagar Virapannavar,

Rahul Kodaganur Founder Neuorigami Automation

Rahul Kodaganur,

Dr. Nagarajrao Sanu Clinical Advisor and Mentor

Dr. Nagarajrao Sanu,
Clinical Advisor and Mentor

Anand Kadakol Business Mentor at Neuorigami Automation

Anand Kadakol,
Business Mentor

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